Sister Mary Ann Mulzet

Sister Mary Ann Mulzet  died at Chestnut Hill Hospital on December 19, 2023 and was buried on December 29, 2023 at Saint Joseph Villa.. Mary Ann was the daughter of Alfred and Mary Mulzet and attended grade school and high school in Wildwood, New Jersey. Maryanne loved being a Sister of Saint Joseph because of her belief in our mission of unity. Her ministry and service to many was manifested , not only by preparing meaningful liturgies, but also by challenging us to embrace God in his fullness. Her dear friend, S. Rita Woehlcke once wrote, “The authentic spiritual life is characterized by open heart, open mind, and the humility that allows life to question us. We are invited to seek, to wonder, and to open ourselves to new information, to allow divine wisdom to permeate how we interpret the events of our time.” Mary Ann’s relationship with Divine Wisdom was the lens through which lived her life. She encouraged us to experience God through the diversity around us. Whether it was her appreciation of different cultures, races, or the natural world, she always saw the “big picture” and invited us to view and experience God through the marvels of creation. Of course, that sometimes meant the logistics were not always important, as the musicians who worked with her would quickly learn. They still recount stories about how she would change keys, verses, or words to the song – while playing the piano and giving different directions from what had been practiced. Only Mary Ann could get away with this behavior.  She incorporated rituals and readings from other cultures and challenged us out of our comfort zone, and most of us learned it was well worth the effort.

You could meet Maryanne in the parking lot, in a hallway, or even in her room at the Villa and enjoy a conversation with meaning and depth. Her love of jigsaw puzzles reflected her belief that little things matter and contributed to the beauty of the whole picture. Mary Ann was first and foremost a listener, focused on relationships that convey the message: Come as you are. She desired to love the mystery of the other in each and every one of us.

Bless you, Mary Ann, for your 84 years of life and 65 as a Sister of Saint Joseph. We are grateful for your passion for the Mission and your deep ability to live and love to the end. Rest in Peace, Mary Ann, and continue bringing music to the halls of Paradise.