Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is an opportunity to meet with a listener whose mind and heart are open to the guidance of God’s Spirit. The listener is trained to notice the Spirit’s movements in the prayer and life of the directee. The listener helps the directee discover and contemplate God’s way with her or him in the hope of deepening the awareness of God’s immense love and directee’ s desire to respond to that love. Spiritual direction is for anyone longing to grow in relationship with God, self, others and all creation. Directees are simply people from all walks of life seeking God.

For SSJs and Associates in Mission, spiritual direction is part of the spiritual legacy of Father Medaille who directed the first members out of his Ignatian tradition.

Who is a Spiritual Director?

A spiritual director is someone who receives spiritual direction as well as offers it. In that process, the person may experience a call to this ministry and pursue training that is both academic and formative.

After a process of study, training, internship, supervision and self, peer as well as programmatic evaluation, a person receives certification. Most spiritual directors attend monthly supervision, even after being certified, as one means of continuing growth and as a practice of accountability to their directees.

For more information contact: Carol Beevers SSJ at srcarolbeevers@gmail.com.