Associate CGG from Franklin Lakes, NJ

The Associates from the Most Blessed Sacrament Christian Growth Group in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey share how they live our mission and share the charism with the “Dear Neighbor”…

For the month of June we collected sneakers from the Most Blessed Sacrament Parish family. These sneakers are sent to an organization in Florida, called Got Sneakers USA. The sneakers are evaluated. The ones that can be reused are given to impoverished individuals who desperately need shoes. Those that would normally be thrown out and sit in a landfill for 30 plus years are properly recycled. To date we have collected over 150 pairs!


Twice a year, in June and December, we collect donations and bring them down to Sister Linda at Saint Joan of Arc in Philadelphia. Last week, she joined us for our monthly CGG gathering and we filled her car and two SUVs with clothing, non-perishable food items, diapers, and small household items. Sister Linda and her community are always very grateful for our support!

“…To deepen and widen our SSJ Spirituality and our lived expression of it in our relationships with the dear neighbor, both at the margins, and beside us in the ordinary circumstances of our lives. We are committed to caring for Earth and working for justice, so that all people are treated with dignity and respect.”

Associate CGG from Franklin Lake NJ

Pictured are Associates in Mission Sue Moleti and Deb Duffy with Sister Linda Lukiewski and many of her community volunteers.