Associate in Mission, Skip Whitman

Associate in Mission, Skip Whitman, from Charlotte, North Carolina shares how he is living the Mission and sharing the charism with the dear neighbor…

Often, it has been difficult for me to see myself living the SSJ mission in my daily life. The key that has unlocked my door has been to gain a better and more complete understanding of the SSJ charism and how it applies to my “routine and ordinary” daily life activities.
As I have progressed in my faith journey, the Holy Spirit has nudged me to be more giving of my time and treasure. He has blessed me in so many ways, how could I fail to hear these urgings. Naturally I began to develop an inner desire to share more, and I wanted to have my family develop this desire to share as well. In the latter part of 2021, I considered investing in a Food Truck to feed the homeless in Charlotte, North Carolina. I presented my idea to my adult children. The following week, for Father’s Day, my son Kyle presented me with his commitment to become involved with me in Operation Sandwich. This is a charitable endeavor where people, involved in their ordinary activities of daily living take some time to provide sandwiches for “The Roof Above”. The Roof Above is a men’s shelter that provides lunch for the homeless in Charlotte. They have a need for six hundred sandwiches every day.

I looked over the program and signed our family up to provide two hundred sandwiches. In this effort, we, as a family purchase the meats, cheese, bread, sandwich bags, and individual condiments to make two hundred sandwiches. We gather, as a family each time and work together to make these sandwiches for the homeless. Our 5-year-old grandson becomes very involved as well and he is responsible for delivering each sandwich to the packer on the team and they are placed in a box for delivery to the shelter. This activity has given my family a new perspective on the homeless and as we spend time preparing the sandwiches we talk about and learn more about our dear neighbors. We have now done this three times and our goal is to schedule this “faith building event” each month.

Becoming an SSJ Associate in Mission has enhanced my progression along my spiritual journey.
As an Associate in Mission, I am becoming more aware of the importance of recognizing the routine activities of my daily living and make a concerted effort to realign these activities to be better focused on living my life more aware of how my daily activity impacts my relationship with God, my dear neighbor, and mother earth.

I must always remember to trust in the Lord as Jesus will show me the way and carry me. This is what God desires of us all and as I begin to immerse myself deeper into our maxims and spend more time meditating upon them, they are enabling me to open the door of my soul to receive God’s endless Mercy and Grace. How wonderful is that!