Associates and Sisters from Saint Genevieve CGG in Flourtown, PA

Associates and Sisters from Saint Genevieve CGG in Flourtown, PA

Associates and Sisters from Saint Genevieve CGG in Flourtown, PA share how they live our mission of unioning love…

The Saint Genevieve Christian Growth Group (CGG) in Flourtown, PA gather for their monthly CGG Meetings to pray, learn, reflect, and share. In October, they welcomed Sister Bonnie McMenamin from the SSJ Neighborhood Center (SSJNC) to share how they serve the dear neighbor in Camden NJ.

Sister Bonnie shared this about the SSJNC…

“After only 3 years in operation, the SSJNC has grown immensely. It started as a food pantry and now feeds about 350 families a month. We offer ESL classes, sewing and crochet classes where the neighbors connect and bond with each other. There are 19 garden beds where the neighbors grow and share their produce with each other. There is a clothes closet, a Mommy program which meets twice a month, and a diaper bank, which is a great need. Anyone can purchase diapers through Amazon to go right to the Neighborhood Center if you are looking for a way to contribute. We have a visually impaired and blind program where free care and eyeglasses are available. Also, the Sisters at the Villa donate 50/50 to the Neighborhood Center and the Welcome Center in Philadelphia.”

The Associates and Sisters were excited to hear about all that happens at the SSJNC and the many ways that they can be involved.

Sister Marjorie Lawless, member of St. Genevieve CGG, brought in a “bag” made from a T-shirt. NJ cannot use plastic bags; this is a creative option. Attached is a picture of a T-shirt bag that SSJ Associate Janet Beerley made, it was filled with tasty cakes for the neighbors at the SSJNC. SSJ Associates, Janet B. and Emily DePaul will make these bags for their January CGG meeting from T-shirts donated and collected at their November meeting, The Saint Genevieve CGG members also took a collection for the Change for Global Change Annual Walk-a-thon which Emily participated in.

Please continue to pray for our Dear Neighbor!

“…To deepen and widen our SSJ Spirituality and our lived expression of it in our relationships with the dear neighbor, both at the margins, and beside us in the ordinary circumstances of our lives…”