Bread for the World Organization

Bread for the World

Bread for the World is a Christian Advocacy Organization that urges U.S. decision makers to do all they can to pursue a world without hunger. The mission is to educate and provide people with information to advocate for policies and programs that can end hunger in the U.S. and around the world.

Bread for the World explains hunger as, “what happens when people do not have enough food to eat. The main cause of hunger is not collective shortage of food, but rather access to food—especially nutritious food.”

The question of why hunger exists in the U.S. just as it does overseas relate to the fact that hunger does not come from not having enough food available, but that the overwhelming cause of hunger in developed countries is poverty. The worldwide problem of hunger effects more than seven hundred million people around the world. Every day in forty-five countries more than fifty million people are facing emergency levels of hunger and are struggling to survive in the face of famine. To end hunger, we need to understand both the environmental and social factors that limit people’s access to nutritious food. The Bread for the World Organization brings together the voices of churches, organizations, individuals, and other groups to change laws and systems that allow hunger to persist.


The Bread for the World Organization continues to address the hunger crisis and the impacts of the global pandemic. Below is an address from Bread for the World’s President and CEO, Reverend Eugene Cho, in addition to information regarding the 2022 letter writing events to congress to end hunger through advocacy

Offering of Letters to Congress to End Hunger Through Advocacy and Support the Global Food Security Act:

‘Bread for the World’ was written by English songwriter Bernadette Farrell, published in 1990.