Change for Global Change

Change for Global Change is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia in 2006. With even greater urgency, our organization represents a necessary response to the unmet needs of persons who are poor, marginalized, and vulnerable by committing to the flourishing of Earth through sustainable practices.

Since 2006, Change for Global Change has raised donations and awarded $289,500 in grants to fund over seventy sustainability projects in India, Africa, Central America, Peru, Brazil, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the US.

Now in this, our sixteenth year, our goals have not changed. Our nonprofit exists to raise awareness and provide education about living sustainably locally, and to raise funds to alleviate global crises, especially lack of portable water.

We collect donations–large and small–from caring people, so that joining together in a neighbor-to-neighbor, across-the-street, and around-the-world effort, we can make a difference in the lives of our sisters and brothers in need.

This lifesaving work cannot thrive without your support. Every year we invite Sisters of Saint Joseph, our Associates, Consociates, partners in mission, family, friends, and all people of good will to join us in helping our sisters and brothers around the world to have necessities for quality of life.

Praying -SSJ

Change for Global Change Prayer

Please join us in praying for a greater awareness of our connection and interdependence with all of creation:
God, Creator and Sustainer of Life, we join with all your creation in a canticle of thanksgiving for the blessings of the universe, especially the sacred gift of water, on which our very life depends.
Forgive our wasteful use of all the precious resources entrusted to our care.
Well-Spring of Life, send forth your empowering energy to renew all the barren places of our parched Earth as you renew us, Earth’s caretakers.
May we go forth as ambassadors of hope,
for all those thirsting for your Life-giving Water.

— Mary Kay Flannery, SSJ 


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