Founding Women in American Independence July 2023

Founding Women In American Independence 2023

During the American Revolution and War for Independence, women like Abigail Adams, Martha Washington, Mercy Otis Warren, and many other strong women like them played critical roles in every part of the American Revolution. The significant contributions made by American women as the colonies struggled for independence is a true testament to women we consider our “Founding Mothers.” The story of the American Revolution cannot be properly understood without including the contributions and experiences of these active and courageous women.

 Women in USA flag

Women’s roles in American Independence gave some women opportunities to take on responsibilities previously regarded as male dominant. Women took over family businesses and farms, defended their homes and neighborhoods, served as maids and cooks for the Continental Army, gathered intelligence for the Patriots, and cared for soldiers on the battlefields. Although women in the War for Independence were considered noncombatants, they still experienced the harsh realities of war. During this time these women experienced threats of violence, suffering, and death from enemy troops as they defended their homes and property alone in their husbands absence.

Martha Washington with Family

The roles of founding women in American Independence has sometimes been underrated, however, their impact on the revolutionary war effort is prevalent in the many contributions they made. To name a few, these true patriots include women, like Martha Washington who accompanied her husband to winter encampments and served as his nurse when he was ill. Abigail Adams was an outspoken advocate for the rights of women and a strong abolitionist. It was Abigail Adams who influenced John Adams to include women’s rights in the new documents for independence. Phyllis Wheatley, born in Africa, kidnapped, and enslaved, wrote a poem in 1776 to recognize the appointment of George Washington as commander of the Continental Army. Although there are far too many women to list, let us never forget the contributions and selfless actions of our Founding Mothers in the great success for American Independence.

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