International Peace Month-August 2023

Background Information: International Peace Month began in August of 1926. This month was created to remember the mistakes and the horrors that arose from the conflicts of World War I, and hopefully learn from the mistakes that were made.

International Peace Month-August 2023

The month of August is dedicated to International Peace Month. This month is dedicated to remembering the many tragic mistakes made during World War I, which led to the death of more than 16 million soldiers and civilians alike. The conflicts and horrors of World War I, also known as the Great War, must be remembered to educate new generations about the devastation and destruction that led to the Great War in the hope that we can learn the necessary lessons we can so that mistakes of the past are not repeated.

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The declaration of “International Peace Month,” came in August of 1962. Thirty countries assembled for the Fifth International Democratic Peace Conference. Nine hundred of the delegates represented almost every German city. It was during this peace conference that the month of August would be proclaimed as, “International Peace Month.” The delegations of this conference camped in France and began an intense study of international peace work. Although International Peace Month began as a result of the worldwide devastation of WWI, it is increasingly important that peace remain the ultimate goal for nations and humanity. World leaders, activists, and organizations continue to advocate for peace and continue to initiate programs aimed at reducing conflict and aid in increasing international collaboration.

In June of 2022, Pope Francis attended and spoke to the First Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This meeting was the first legally binding international agreement that would prohibit the use of nuclear weapons with the ultimate goal being total elimination. In Pope Francis’s address, he stated that, “nuclear weapons represent a risk multiplier that provides only an illusion of a peace of sorts.” His words clearly portray the continued education of all nations working together for the common goal for International peace. In Pope Francis’s address he calls on all nations to look closely at this particular moment in history, “Where the world seems to be at a crossroads.” Pope Francis states that, “Peace is indivisible, and to be truly just and lasting, it has to be universal.” As we prepare to celebrate International Peace Month, let us remember the mistakes of the past, the lessons we have learned and remember Pope Francis’ s message that, “Individually and collectively, we are responsible for the present ant future well-being of our brothers and sisters.”

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Novena for nuclear disarmament
Message of his holiness pope Francis to his excellency ambassador Alexander Kmentt president of the first meeting of states parties to the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons