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SSJ Associates in Mission

Associates in Mission are persons who feel called to embrace with enthusiasm the mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph- “We live and work that all people may be united with God and with one another.” Associates experience living the mission in ways as varied as the ordinary circumstances of the lives they live. Wherever they are, their relationships are marked by inclusive love and care for the “dear neighbor without distinction from whom they do not separate themselves.” They share the mission by the witness of their lives.

At present, there are about 450 active Associates in Mission with approximately 300 of whom are members of one of our 24 active Christian Growth Groups that meet in PA, NJ, NC, GA and DE. These Christian Growth Groups often meet on a monthly basis during the year to share in communal prayer and reflection focused on the SSJ spirituality and mission. Additionally, there are about 45 Sisters of Saint Joseph who are affiliated with one of our Christian Growth Groups.

Associates in Mission commit themselves:

To embrace the common Mission of Unity in the daily circumstances of their lives by developing bonds that link them to God, one another, their neighbor, and all of creation.
To integrate their lived experience with the core spirituality of the Joseph family that encourages action and advocacy for justice, in its biblical sense- living in right relationship.
To nourish their faith through personal and communal prayer that shapes their way of being in relationship to God, one another, all their dear neighbors, and Earth.
AIM Chapter Direction Statement 2022
Associates are encouraged to commit to the Associate in Mission Direction Statement which guides them for 5 years.

Associates are invited to participate in retreats, community gatherings and celebrations. Some Associates volunteer at our sponsored ministries and/or serve on committees and boards. Often times, Associates have a previous relationship with the Sisters of Saint Joseph or Associates in Mission through membership, family, friendship or ministry. These relationships are deepened by sharing, as an Associate, in the charism and the mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

You may wish to explore becoming an Associate in Mission if…

  • You are seeking to engage in a deeper, more intentional spiritual practice with others on the faith journey.
  • You are looking for a faith community with which to pray, minister and celebrate God’s presence in life.
  • You desire to further social justice – particularly on behalf of the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable.
  • You realize that life has a deeper meaning when lived in the context of reflection, shared experiences and spirituality.
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