Laudato Si Goal #1, “Response to the Cry of the Earth.”

Laudato Si Goal # 1

Background Information:
As we prepare to celebrate Earth Day, let us focus on the Laudato Si’ Action Plan and reflect on Goal # 1, Our Response to the Cry of the Earth.

Goal # 1 is the response to the Cry of the Earth. The response to this goal is, “a call to protect our common home for the wellbeing of all, as we equitably address the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and ecological sustainability.” Actions that are part of this goal could include initiatives that focus on renewable energies and energy sufficiency. This goal serves to protect biodiversity, promote sustainable agriculture, and provide access to clean water for all.

Each day agricultural consumption, climate change and altering patterns of weather and water around the world is causing droughts and shortages of water through the world. The global water crisis statistics are alarming in that each day 771 million people lack access to clean water. That number is almost two thirds of the world’s population and is equivalent to 1 in 10 people on the planet. In some countries women and girls spend an estimated 200 million hours carrying water every day. In rural Africa the average woman walks about 3.7 miles every day to carry 40 pounds of water.

The Laudato Si Action Plan reminds us that, “human life is grounded in three fundamental intertwined relationships with God, our neighbor, and our planet home.” Through goal number 1 of this action platform, our response to the Cry of the Earth helps us to examine our lifestyle choices and to reduce, recycle, reuse and refuse as we focus on creating sustainable goals. These goals encourage us to advocate for and protect our common home nationally and globally throughout local territories, neighborhoods, and communities. This is truly, “an invitation to live within limits and boundaries if we are to fulfill the promise of Creation.”


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