Sister Catherine Roche

Sister Roche Catherine Teresa
Sister Catherine Roche died on June 12, 2022, at Saint Joseph Villa, close to one of her favorite feasts, Corpus Christi. Known by many names: Catherine Roche, S. John Anita, Aunt Catherine, and Kate, she celebrated every moment of her long and fruitful life.

We come to revel in many aspects of Kate’s life. Her family proved to be one of the strongest tenets in her life. She delighted in all of them even crocheting a baby blanket for the newest arrival. Likewise, Kate’s love of being a Sister of Saint Joseph is proven by her last request of being with her sisters at the Villa. This desire supports her steadfast prayer life where we are all remembered in her daily devotions. All who knew Kate, honored her intelligence displayed by her last library request for Jeffery Archer’s book that studied espionage on the global stage. Self-knowledge prompted Kate to admit, “I can be a pain in the neck sometimes” because she was exact and knew how she wanted “things to be done.”

Kate celebrated beauty, opera, art, and travel. She took seriously Jesus’ command, “Go teach all nations” by showing kindness to every person she met on foreign soil. To her friends, Kate urged all to be grateful, pray constantly, and give thanks for all things.

This Sister of Saint Joseph has given glory to God every day of her life, and now she will continue to give and receive glory at the side of the Father. We give thanks and celebrate the gift of Sister Catherine Roche.