Sister Clare Madeleine Tully

Sister Clare Madeleine
Sister Clare Madeleine Tully died at Saint Joseph Villa on October 1, 2022. Although she was close to the Sisters of Charity from her elementary years in Kearney, New Jersey, it was the Sisters of Saint Joseph from Queen of Peace High School, who drew her religious vocation.

Sister Clare Madeleine began her teaching commitment in first grade but quickly moved to high school where she taught biology for most of her career. Her enthusiasm for this discipline was contagious, and her enthusiasm  spilled out to her students. When Sister Clare Madeleine was named outstanding science teacher at Little Flower High School, the principal said , “Sister Clare really knows science, which affects her students.” But more importantly, one of her students stated, “Sister Clare really cares about us and how we are doing.” Clare’s love of sports kept her involved beyond the classroom, and another student commented that “Sister Clare is the same at games as she is in class.

She is always there, always encouraging us, and always cheering us on.” Clare’s desire was to be remembered as a caring and gentle teacher. Whether in Notre Dame, Easton; Good Council, Moorestown; Little Flower, Philadelphia; or St. Joseph, Metuchen; Clare is recognized by her peers and her students for her dedication in both the classroom and in extracurricular activities.

In the Community, Clare was remembered for her humility and humor. She recognized God’s presence in her life, especially through the love of family and friends, and the gifts God so lavishly shared with her. All who knew and loved Clare watched as she suffered over these past five years. Through her good and bad days, Clare never lost her sense of humor which manifested itself in her eyes. One of Clare’s favorite prayers was from Joyce Rupp who ended one of her books with “You whisper in my haphazard prayer. You beckon. You invite. You entice. You insist: Come. Come into my waiting embrace. Rest your turmoil in my easy silence. Put aside your heavy bag of burdens. Accept the simple peace I offer you.” Clare, you  will be missed, but we rejoice that you  will now rest in the embrace of your  Lord.