Sister Conradine Lehmann

Sister Conradine Lehmann died on February 25, 2023, at Saint Joseph Villa.  Her funeral Mass was celebrated on March 6, 2023. Sister Conradine was born Agnes Lehman on March 6, 1924. She was the fourth child of Francis and Elizabeth Lehman. Along with her siblings, Francis, Edward, Elizabeth, and Mary, Agnes lived in St. Henry’s parish in Philadelphia. The family moved to St. David, Willow Grove, before she started school. Agnes’s father was a carpenter and provided a simple but stable family life during the Depression years.

In high school, Agnes played the violin in the orchestra. She was particularly fond of Sister Marguerite Francis, a business teacher who became her sponsor. Agnes always wanted to be a sister, and although she worked at various jobs in the summer and during high school, she entered the Sisters of Saint Joseph after her graduation in 1942. With this transition, she became known as Sister Conradine.

Her teaching career included a number of elementary schools including Norwood Academy. As a remedial reading teacher, Conradine traveled to various locations, but did express that she “liked those outside places” like Charlotte, Bonneauville, and Miller Heights. She spent 30 happy years in Levittown where she moved from classroom teaching to tutoring, where she felt useful and fulfilled.

Her sewing skills, for which she is well-known, began with her mother’s lessons. She helped make the drapes for our Villa Chapel before it opened in 1968. Likewise, she generously shared her talents with local parishes by providing them altar clothes and other needs. Conardine lists sewing as one of her major gifts from God. This skill has enabled her to bring happiness and aid to many people. Many sisters benefited from Conardine’s talent, and she has saved them the expense of a professional tailor.

Conradine’s devotion to the Infant of Prague and the Sacred Heart was evident in her room at the Villa, and often she could be viewed talking to her Lord with the words, “Hi, God” on her lips. Conradine now enjoys Paradise with her generous heart and special talent.