Sister Judith Anne Scranton

Sister Judith Anne Scranton died at Saint Joseph Villa on February 8, 2023.   Judy, the youngest of six siblings, was born March 4, 1944, to parents Raymond and Mary. Judy’s only surviving sibling, a Convent Station Sister of Charity, kept vigil with Judy in her final hours.

A student at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Newark, New Jersey, Judy experienced the “mission of unity” and “joy of Jesus” reflected in the Sisters of Saint Joseph.  In September 1962, she entered the Congregation.  Judy received the habit in 1963 and the religious name Sister Maureen Thomas.  Most of her teaching ministry was spent in the Archdioceses of Newark and Philadelphia.  In 1996 she was missioned to Saint Philip Neri Parish in Lafayette Hill, PA where she served as school secretary and volunteer. For more than twenty-five years the Saint Philip Neri community, parishioners and students, were the joy of her heart.

Living communal life as a Sister of Saint Joseph Judy attended lovingly and compassionately to her sisters.  She was thoughtful of their needs and delighted in hearing and sharing news of family and friends.  Her generous heart and caring spirit were a gift cherished by all.

From early on, Judy faced her diagnosis with innate, deep and practical faith.  She courageously coped with her illness and strengthened others facing similar challenges.  Hers was a heart open to grace and willing to be “a healing presence in any and all situations.”  In her own unique way, Sister Judy accepted and surrendered her entire self to the God Who loved her.  She was a beautiful, memorable example to all of us.  We praise and thank our God for Sister Judy’s selfless, loving, joyful living and dying with divine grace.  Hers is the eternal embrace in the loving arms of our God Whom she served with “gentleness, peace and joy.”