Sister Judith Oliver

Sister Judith Oliver

Sister Judith Oliver died on February 8, 2023, at Saint Joseph Villa.  She was the only daughter of Mildred and Ed Oliver, and it has been rumored that she was a better basketball player than her brothers. After attending St. Dominic’s Elementary and St. Hubert’s High School, Judy taught for a year before entering the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1966.

After her formation years, Judy experienced a long and successful professional life. She began teaching fourth grade at St. Leo’s School, moved on to becoming a principal, and then began her high school career. Her position at Little Flower as Dean of Students was followed by Judy serving the as Coordinator of Educational Ministries for the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

Truly, Judy was ready for “any good work.” This generous and accomplished woman left education to become the Administrator of Bethlehem Village, a HUD subsidized Sponsored work For Seniors, of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. In this capacity she gave her all. Was it St. Leo’s, Little Flower, or Bethlehem Village that proved her favorite? Perhaps all three ranked high in her heart.

In addition to family gatherings, Judy loved to vacation in the Poconos and spend time outdoors. Pictures of deer in the forest and other pastoral scenes were among her most prized possessions.

Judy was a faithful Sister of Saint. Joseph for 57 years, and served her community even as she experienced health issues in the last three years at Bethlehem Village. The courage and grace of her last days came from her trust in and love of the God she served. She embodied the “valiant woman” described in the Scriptures. Judy lived life in a quiet, humble way as was proven in her support of charities such as St. Jude’s Hospital for Children and our own Welcome Center in Kensington.

Judy, you have run the race and now you will win the prize. Paradise awaits you. Rest in Peace.