Sister Kathleen Bernadette Moss

Sister Kathleen Bernadette Moss died at Saint Joseph Villa on March 26, 2023, and was buried on April 1, 2023. Kathleen was the fourth of seven children. Her parents, Sarah and Edward, both born in Ireland, lost two sons and a daughter to the 1928 flu epidemic. Kathleen’s father lost his job, her mother became the breadwinner, and her older sister went to work immediately after eighth grade graduation as a waitress. She attended high school at night. However, Kathleen completed St. Columba’s grade school and went on to happy and memorable years at St. Mary’s Academy. Kathleen experienced a joy-filled and faith-filled home. Her calling to be a Sister of Saint Joseph came in a study hall at St. Mary’s when she was suddenly filled with this desire through the example of S. Joseph Anita who became her sponsor.

Kathleen was a primary teacher through and through. Her gentleness, joy, and laughter permeated Our Lady of the Rosary, St. Francis of Assisi in Norristown, Norwood Fontbonne, Our Lady of Counsel in Virginia, and Sacred Heart Pre-School in Cheltenham, her last and favorite ministry. How many children her life touched with God’s love.

Kathleen was vibrant and always smiling. As a baby she would blow bubbles when asleep; therefore, the nickname “Bubbles” was applied. Kathleen had dear and faithful friends, who knew her only as “Aunt Bubbles.” Rick and Joan called her every night during the COVID confinement, face-timed her, and attended care conferences. They even took her to appointments and gave goodies bags to Kathleen.

At our perpetual vows we pray, “I give you the cycle of my days until death.” There is no question Kathleen embodied these words with her life. Today we celebrate the new life of our sister: ninety-seven years today. How fitting that you return home to God on this very same day. Happy Birthday in Paradise, Kathleen.  Pray for us until we come together in peace.