Sister Kathleen McMenamin

Sister Kathleen McMenamin died on April 13, 2024, and was buried on April 19, 2024, at Saint Joseph Villa.

One thing all would agree about Kathleen McMenamin is that whatever she did, as teacher, formation director, pastoral care worker, or simply as a Sister of Saint Joseph, she gave it her all.

Kathleen embodied the words of our Constitutions by becoming “living documents” of what it means to be a Sister of Saint Joseph. Kathy was certainly among those. She committed to the consecrated life wholeheartedly, and with determination. Those who knew her shared that Kathy always showed determination whether in the classroom, keeping her students in line, or encouraging the novices to see things her way. With all that, Kathy was incredibly real, while also being patient, kind, and supportive. Her sense of humor and her laugh were contagious, especially when she would laugh at herself. She had the gift of knowing when to challenge someone and when to show extra support. Her willingness to share about her own relationship with God, along with her own life experiences, modeled a depth that encouraged others to be more attentive.

With a deeply contemplative spirit, even a walk around the beauty of the motherhouse grounds would provide Kathy with an insight that she would happily share with others.

So many loved her and wanted to be around her because of her kindness and her obvious desire to treat everyone with respect, dignity, and compassion. She had a presence that you wanted to share.

Her ability to express genuine care for each person would make you feel as though you were the most important person in her life at that moment.

As Kathy’s disease progressed, she told a friend, “Someday I will not be able to remember you, but remember that I love you.” Any novice who benefited from Kathy’s guidance will share that she often ended her conversations with “love you lots.” Always open and receptive to all that God offered her, Kathy knew she was loved and was generous in sharing that love with all she met and did not hesitate to express it!

The conclusion of the Portrait of a Daughter of Saint Joseph says, “Finally, in her face the reflection of the virtue proper to our Congregation, “continual joy of spirit.” This is the quiet inner glow of the Sister whose life in the service of Jesus Christ has been successful.” We have no doubt that Kathy’s life has embraced this truth. Her joy of spirit and inner glow touched the hearts of many. Even those who journeyed with her in her final months recognized the gift it was to be with her. As she lived the Paschal Mystery in her final years, may she now be rejoicing in the fullness of life that has been promised to each of us.

Thank you, Kathy, for your loving witness.