Sister Susan Hurlbrink

Sister Susan Hurlbrink died at Saint Joseph Villa on April 22, 2023. She was born November 24, 1937 to parents David and Anne Murray who named her Susan Agnes. She was the youngest of siblings: Bill, Frank and Nancy. Parishioners of Incarnation Parish, the children appreciated their Catholic heritage which nurtured Susan’s vocation which she recognized as a fifth grader and which was deepened by her visits to the Carmelite Monastery close to Susan’s home in Olney.  The experience of Little Flower High School, where she encountered the Sisters of Saint Joseph, convinced her to share their life “… to respond to God’s love, to find God in all things and to allow the Divine Presence to transform us …” – Constitutions 29   With the blessing of her parents, Susan entered the Congregation in 1955, a response for which her mother had lovingly prayed.  Her parents rejoiced when their daughter received their names on Reception Day, 1956.

Sister Susan Hurlbrink began her education ministry as a first grade teacher, gradually moved up the grades and eventually taught business courses at Little Flower High School. Sister continued to share her business expertise as teacher and secretary in schools and parishes.  Despite health challenges, she maintained a quiet reserve, an unobtrusive, kind, caring, generous service to all she encountered. Susan embraced in prayer all whom she served and frequently requested prayers for them.  She cherished an innate joy experienced through bringing Eucharist to the sick and homebound. She recognized and prayed in gratitude for the sisters with whom she shared community. She appreciated those opportunities of visiting relatives in Ireland.  In 2019, Susan accepted unreservedly her ministry of prayer and presence at Saint Joseph Villa.

Susan’s shy and kind manner reflected her deep, innate love for the Spouse of her heart.
Her life proclaimed “. . . that God is the only Absolute. Having been called to the full exercise of love for Jesus Christ, this love in turn energizes our love for all persons.”
– Constitutions 66   May our Sister Susan rest for all eternity in Love’s embrace.