Sister Vera Green

Sister Vera Green
Sister Vera (Veronica Marie Madeline) Green died at Saint Joseph Villa on March 11, 2022.  Born June 9, 1930, Vera, fourth child of parents John H. Green and Vera Flynn, was addressed fondly as Babe. She and siblings Tom, Anne, Jack and Richard were surrounded by loving relatives who contributed to a memorably happy childhood.  Two aunts, Sisters of Saint Joseph, were a vital part of the family: Mother Lucia and Sister Joseph Marie.  Vera attested to her being a tomboy in her youth, a ready participant with brother Jack in ball games and other competitive sports.  Her ladylike sister Anne may have been embarrassed by Babe’s “play ball” enthusiasm, yet they bonded in a close relationship throughout life.

Residents of Baltimore, the Green children attended Saint Bernardine Elementary School and Seton High School. Vera worked for five years while continuing parish-related involvement especially coaching basketball.  It was a priest, friend and moderator of the team, who influenced her decision to enter religious life.  In writing her recommendation to the Congregation, the pastor attested, “ Sister Vera Green is one of the religious jewels of the parish, respected and admired by priests, sisters and all, for her very sensible and practical spirituality.”

On September 10, 1953, Vera entered religious life, a response to the call of the Holy Spirit to lead within the Church a life in community dedicated to the glory of God, to continual growth in Christ, and to the loving service of all without distinction. – Constitutions 1  On the Day of Reception, April 19, 1954, she received the name, Sister Lucia.  Finally professed August 14, 1961, Sister Lucia devoted years of ministry as an elementary and high school teacher, parish associate and Villa volunteer coordinator.  Throughout those many years of service, she embraced each encounter as filled with blessings.  She recognized with gratitude and joy the sisters with whom she lived, the newness of things affected by Vatican Council II, the depth of theological studies at Saint Bonaventure University as well as meeting lifelong friends along the way.

To meet Vera was to be touched by the certainty of her genuinely loving smile, drawn from her heartfelt reverence for our Constitutions – 14:  A cordial and hospitable spirit, a willing heart ready for any and every good work, a quiet sense of hiddenness, coupled with a desire to serve to the best of our ability, characterize our response to the needs of the people of God.  Indeed Vera exemplified a recognition and response to God’s love in all things, and a sweet surrender in allowing God’s presence to transform her as she reached out to His people.

May the loving smile of God’s everlasting joy and peace glow for all eternity on the soul of our dear Sister Vera.