SSJ Neighborhood Center

SSJ Neighborhood Center
Food Pantry Sign SSJ Neighborhood Center

The Sisters of Saint Joseph Neighborhood Center in Camden, New Jersey is an exceptional example of promoting a call to action to achieve environmental sustainability. The charism of the mission of the SSJ Congregation is committed to address economic social and environmental factors and reduce inequalities. The SSJ Neighborhood Center is deeply committed to end poverty and food insecurity, while providing support to their neighbors who struggle for the most basic human needs. In their ministry to the residents of Camden the center is committed to end hunger, achieve food security, and provide access to safe nutritious foods.

Prior to the opening of the SSJ Neighborhood Center in 2017, the Sisters of Saint Joseph were deeply committed for 120 years in their ministry to the residents in the city of Camden. In four years, the center has grown in its ministry and is devoted and committed to empower and foster the community while providing connection, enrichment, and unity in a place where all are welcome. The development of programs has grown and include; prayer groups, English as Second Language Classes, new parenting classes, clothing donations, a shared community food garden, sharing markets of new and used goods, monetary contributions for rent and utility assistance, and food pantry distribution. The Center’s food pantry distribution and donations monthly feed approximately 200-250 families, providing families and individuals with much needed food and household necessities. In addition to the food pantry, the Center’s stocked shelves provide security and contribute to support those in need.

The SSJ Neighborhood Center is truly dedicated to the ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Fostering a welcoming sense of community while caring for the needs of others, the center is deeply committed to support the urgent call to address the sustainable development goals. Through their dedication and continued work to answer the call to love God and their neighbors without distinction, the SSJ Neighborhood Center of Camden strives to address issues related to poverty, hunger, and food insecurity.

SSJ Neighborhood Center, Camden NJ