Support at the SSJ Neighborhood Center

The SSJ Neighborhood Center in Camden, NJ, Sister Bonnie McMenamin introduced us to Nataly Lopez and her family. Nataly told us that a year ago she was feeling lost and hopeless after losing her job as a factory worker. Then she found out about the Neighborhood Center from a friend and met Sisters Bonnie and Colleen who work there. With the help of several generous donors, the Sisters helped Nataly pay her rent and provided her with other necessities.

Nataly said, “Financial support isn’t the only thing we received from the Sisters but moral and emotional support as well. I thank God for putting the Sisters in my path during these difficult times.”

SSJ Neighborhood Center
Adrian, Osmar and Nataly Lopez in Community Garden at SSJ Neighborhood Center in Camden, NJ

What Nataly told me next really touched our hearts.
“We come here to volunteer every week, helping with the vegetable garden, making PPE, and preparing bags of groceries for others who come to the Neighborhood Center for assistance.”

SSJ Neighborhood Center
Omar and Nataly Lopez making PPE’s at SSJ Neighborhood Center, Camden, NJ.

We were so impressed with this family’s sincere gratitude and determination to give back!
“I want to thank those who contribute to the Sisters of Saint Joseph Neighborhood Center for your support. Our family isn’t the only one receiving your help. Over 300 families are helped here every month,” Nataly told me.

SSJ Neighborhood Center
Osmar, Nataly, and Ashely Lopez volunteering Food Pantry Day, at SSJ Neighborhood Center, Camden, NJ

Like the Sisters of Saint Joseph, the Lopez family is ready for any good work!