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Saint Joseph Day-2024

Our Mission


Dear Friend,

Our patron, Saint Joseph, sure did know how to let go of his own plans whenGod had something different in mind! In Matthew’s gospel we are told that Mary was betrothed to Joseph and this union had been blessed by God. Then Joseph found that his betrothed waspregnant. Can you imagine the emotional and social crisis this created for Joseph? And at a deeper level, it was a spiritual crisis. What did God want him to do now?


Soon he dreamed that an angel told him, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary your wife into your home.” What appeared to be a disaster from his perspective seemed to be just right from God’s perspective!

Joseph was willing to cooperate with the divine plan, though he in no way knew what all it would mean for him. Joseph didn’t yet know God’s deepest purpose, either. Like his wife, Mary, at the Annunciation, he trusted and let himself be led by God.

I recently visited two of our sisters who are true examples to me of that same kind of trust and obedience. Both sisters are retired and now live at Saint Joseph Villa in Flourtown, PA.

Sister Rosemarie Lorenz
S. Rosemaire Lorenez

Sister Rosemarie Lorenz worked with me in our Development Office for many years and moved into the Villa a few months ago. “I always pray to Saint Joseph when I sense that God is asking me to make a change in my life. I’ve learned from him that God provides when we stay strong in our faith,” S. Rosemarie shared.

Sister Barbara Bradley also looks to Saint Joseph for support. “Somehow, I always feel that Saint Joseph has time for me.

I remind him that I am a Sister of Saint Joseph and then I know that he will intercede for me. I hear him telling me to trust his Son.”

Both S. Rosemarie and S. Barbara pray for the special intentions of our supporters every day, especially at Mass. “I got to know so many of our donors during my years working in the Development Office, and I always keep them, their families, and their needs in my prayers,” S. Rosemarie told me.

Residing at Saint Joseph Villa with Sisters Rosemarie and Barbara are two hundred of our infirm and elderly sisters, women who have trusted and served God and the dear neighbor their whole lives. Your donation will help ensure that our elderly sisters continue to get the care they deserve.
S. Barbara Bradley, SSJ
S. Barbara Bradley
Joseph holding the Villa
S. Rosemarie, S. Kathleen, and S. Barbara in the Villa chapel under the statue of Saint Joseph.

On March 19, when we celebrate Saint Joseph’s Day, our prayers will be for you, our cherished benefactors. Sisters of Saint Joseph around the world renew their vows that day and recommit their lives to the work of uniting all people with God, one another, and all creation. We hope you will join us in prayer, and we ask you to please continue your gracious support of our sisters and lay residents at the Villa.

Remember to allow God to lead and guide you, just like Saint Joseph did! May he enfold you and those you love in prayer and may we all come at last in his company to the eternal joys of heaven.

S. Kathleen Pales, SSJ
Development Director