Sustainable Development Goal #1

Sustainable Goal # 1
Photo Credit by: Jon Tyson

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #1 focuses on ending poverty in all its forms everywhere. More than 700 million people, which is 11 % of the world’s population live in extreme poverty. For those living in poverty this struggle includes the inability to fulfil the most basic needs such as health, education, access to water and sanitation.

Between 2015 and 2018 the global poverty rate measured a historical decline and during this time the poverty rate fell from 10.1 % in 2015 to 8.6 % in 2018. However, the devastating two-year impact of the COVID-19 pandemic alarmingly reversed the steady progress made in poverty reduction over the past twenty-five years. Other contributing factors to the extreme poverty levels include the impacts of the war in Ukraine and rising inflation costs. Research published by the United Nations update of 2022 estimates that these combined crises will lead to an additional seventy-five to ninety-five million people that will be living in extreme poverty, which far surpasses pre-pandemic projections.

The United Nations 2030 goal to end poverty is based on the focus that ensures that all men and women, in particular the poor and the vulnerable have equal rights to economic resources. Sustainable Development Goal #1 addresses the economic, social, and environmental factors while providing resources, and adequate sustainability for developing countries. The implementation of programs and policies to end poverty are put in place to build the resilience of those living in poverty. This goal also addresses issues of gender inequality. According to the United Nation’s panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment, “In order for a community or even a county to alleviate poverty, all groups and identities must be involved in creating solutions.” Continued investment in creating strong policy frameworks at the national, regional, and international levels will help to support and accelerate the urgency in poverty eradication actions.

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